07 February 2024

Rolla Liu's Leadership Journey in Mainfreight

Congratulations to Rolla on her promotion to Shenzhen Branch Manager! Her dedication to excellence and fostering a positive culture continue to make our team grow. 

Rolla Liu, from Mainfreight Shenzhen, joined the company as a Customer Service Manager in October 2018, during a pivotal stage of the customer service team's development in Shenzhen. As a key leader within the team, Rolla has been instrumental in witnessing Mainfreight's remarkable growth in the Chinese market, spanning various business units such as ocean freight, customs clearance, and warehousing.
Leveraging an extensive background in customer service and a deep commitment to delivering exceptional services, Rolla was promoted to ocean freight Manager in December 2020. In this capacity, Rolla successfully oversaw a team of talented individuals, managing ocean freight shipments between Shenzhen and destinations abroad. Overcoming initial challenges, Rolla optimized operations, implemented efficiency-enhancing strategies, and empowered the team to consistently deliver reliable services, resulting in commendable achievements within a short time.

Recognizing Rolla's potential and demonstrated capabilities, she was further elevated to the role of Regional Seafreight Manager in October 2021. This new responsibility entailed leading both the Shenzhen and Guangzhou ocean teams, with a clear objective to replicate the Shenzhen team's success across multiple regions. Through meticulous planning, fostering cross-regional collaboration, and setting a leading example, Rolla effectively enhanced the performance of several teams within a year, achieving notable improvements in seafreight volumes and customer satisfaction metrics.

Recently, Rolla's impressive journey culminated in her recent appointment as the Shenzhen Branch Manager - assuming responsibility for the comprehensive management of Shenzhen operations across all business units. With this role, Rolla is dedicated to establishing the Shenzhen branch by nurturing talent, ensuring service excellence, and fostering enduring customer partnerships. Instilling a positive culture that brings out the best in the branch.

Rolla has tirelessly pursued excellence in every aspect, maintaining a global outlook while steadfastly contributing toward the company's success in Shenzhen.

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