Air & Ocean Shipping Services

Our growing global network offers over 28,000 Mainfreight to Mainfreight connections.

Air & Ocean Shipping Services

Whether you’re moving raw materials into Australia or taking on the world by exporting, your supply chain starts somewhere in the Mainfreight world. Our local team can ease your international shipping worries by transitioning your products through ports and airports to ensure your products are in the hands of your customers when you need them to be.

Our comprehensive global network avoids 3rd party involvement and ensures a local contact at each point of the supply chain. Our branch network objective is to reduce the time your team may spend on managing freight movements.

Air Freight

Need it there now? Air freight is the fastest way to get your goods where they need to be. From consolidated parcels to full pallet loads or project air freight. Or you can combine air and sea services to reduce transit times while remaining cost effective.

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Sea Freight

A more cost effective option when speed isn't crucial. With options ranging from smaller consolidated LCL (Less than Container Load) shipments to large FCL (Full Container Load) shipments to and from all major trading hubs.

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LCL Consolidation

LCL shipments are consolidated and managed within our network. This allows us to control costs, avoid 3rd party involvement, reduce ground handling risks and provide you and your customers with complete visibility from pick up to delivery.

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How we support your business

Customs Expertise

Our in house teams will manage customs, quarantine and duty changes to reduce compliance risks and costs.

We offer a range of services including:

  • Customs audits which analyse customs reports and identify duty refund opportunities
  • Tariff concession orders
  • Free Trade Agreement (FTA) assessment
  • Compilation of costing information to establish correct cargo values
  • Tariff classification advice
  • GST enquiries and application to the Australian Tax Office for GST decisions
  • Landed costing
  • Department of Agriculture (quarantine) consultancy 

Local Service

Our decentralised customer service teams are in each branch, making decisions as close to the operations and our customers as possible. This provides timely, accurate information on shipment status, reducing the time your team may spend managing freight movements.

Cross Docking

Label and consolidate multiple international orders into a full container at origin, unload at Mainfreight depot on arrival and deliver direct to your customer’s premises. This service reduces your own inventory holding costs and improves delivery time and service to your customers. 

Export Services

Dedicated export teams advising on services, markets, trade routes and documentation processes to reduce foreign country compliance risks and administration time.

Combined Air & Sea

Combined air and sea services to reduce transit times while remaining cost effective.

Buyer’s Consolidation

Consolidate multiple supplier orders at an international origin and deliver direct to you and your customer’s site on arrival; reducing administration time and associated costs.

Ground Network & Last Mile Delivery

Feeding your import or export products directly into our inventory management and last mile delivery services provides the option of having one business manage your supply chain needs. By minimising handling, damage risks are reduced and efficiencies gained. Find out more here about our wharf cartage, warehousing anf domestic transport services.

Air & Ocean Technology

Through Mainchain we are able to provide global visibility to our customers of their entire supply chain across all regions and divisions within our business.

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