Cold Chain Services Australia

Transporting fresh products globally demands specialised handling, precise temperature control and prompt delivery to prolong shelf life. Trust our experienced team to guide you on optimal routes and adhere to airline or maritime regulations, guaranteeing seamless logistics planning and improved supply chain efficiency.

Perishables vs Cold Chain

What is Perishable Freight?

Perishable goods, like fresh produce, dairy, seafood, flowers and pharmaceuticals, have a limited shelf life and require specialised transportation to maintain quality. To transport them globally, you need a logistics provider skilled in navigating the cold chain, ensuring proper storage, transit, temperature control and compliance with regulations. This process is essential for preserving quality and extending the shelf life of perishable items.

What is Cold Chain?

The cold chain process maintains freight at a constant temperature from source to destination, crucial for handling perishable goods. Timing and temperature are vital when transporting fresh produce, typically stored and transported between -1.5ºC and +4ºC, while frozen goods are kept at -18ºC or below, extending shelf life and simplifying transportation.
Mainfreight Asia | Perishable Service

Perishables Service Overview

  • Import and export services
  • Electronic capabilities to facilitate communication and information transfer between shippers, suppliers and transportation providers
  • Practical, cost effective advice on routing schedules and services
  • Comprehensive order-to-door tracking of consignments
  • Compliance documentation
  • Cost to service advice
  • Personalised scheduling to meet deadlines
  • Dedicated consolidation units from major hubs in Europe, the Americas, Asia and New Zealand.
  • Product consultation for perishable or dangerous goods movements.

Perishables Products We Handle 

Fruits & Vegetable, Dairy, Seafood, Grains, Flowers and Plants, Dry Foods

Benefits Of Air Freight Transportation For Your Perishables

Quality Preservation

Air cargo facilities often offer controlled temperature and humidity environments, helping to maintain the freshness and quality of perishable goods throughout the journey.


Air transport is faster compared to other modes of transportation, reducing transit times and ensuring perishable goods reach their destination quickly.

Global Reach

Airfreight allows perishable goods to be transported to distant locations worldwide, enabling access to international markets.

Benefits Of Sea Freight Transportation For Your Perishables


Seafreight is generally more economical than airfreight, making it a cost-effective option for transporting large quantities of perishable goods.


Ships can carry large volumes of cargo, allowing for the transportation of bulk perishable items.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Seafreight typically has a lower environmental impact compared to airfreight, contributing to more sustainable logistics practices.

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