Sustainability Initiatives

Mainfreight Americas' commitment to sustainability, safety, health and the environment has been, and continues to be, a fundamental element of our operating practices and successes to date.

Our vision for a 100 year company is not about reaching an end-point. It’s a mindset that every day and every action is about growing a strong, iconic and enduring business. This means leaving the place better than we found it and doing all we can to safeguard the future of our people, our communities and our planet. We respect our social and environmental responsibilities and understand our obligations as citizens of the world. Mainfreight across the globe promotes a clean, safe and healthy environment for our teams as we bring a strong focus on not only on the economics of our business but on measurable innovations and initiatives that bring positive impacts to our communities and for future generations.

While our initiatives vary from region to region to achieve greatest impact, we remain committed to making improvements and to expanding them where practicable:

  • Recycling
  • Reducing emissions
  • Promoting energy-efficiencies
  • Route planning – using GPS in congested international cities
  • Truck size management – using smaller trucks for distribution within cities and larger trucks between cities
  • Promoting off-peak distribution, particularly between cities and from ports
  • Efficient driving techniques promulgated through our driver training programs
  • Vehicle maintenance guidelines for owner-drivers to promote efficient running of their trucks
  • The conversion of gas and diesel powered forklifts operating on our docks to electric, and the use of manual pallet trucks to replace forklifts where practicable
  • Adding hybrid and electric cars to our fleet of business cars
  • Fleet renewal program - to ensure that latest driving technology is on the road replacing older and inefficient models
  • Owner driver model encourages efficiencies because it is in the drivers best interest to drive an efficient vehicle


What we do internally is only part of the story; we also service the recycling industry and take part in government recycling initiatives. To achieve this, we have invested in specialized equipment to ensure we can safely and efficiently handle and move recyclable materials from collection points to recycling facilities and then as we move to recycle items back into the market.

Future Sustainability Developments and Leadership

Mainfreight is actively committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. We develop partnerships in the wider community to promote socially responsible environmental practices and show leadership in managing finite resources.

Our commitment to sustainability, safety, health, and the environment has been and continues to be, a fundamental element of our operating practices and our success.

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